The HÖHNERs - iconic musicians from Cologne
Die Höhner

The HÖHNER musicians are known as ardent entertainers. With songs such as “Echte Fründe” (True Friends) and “Viva Colonia”, these six musicians present typical Cologne joy of life, classic pop and down-home rock. They are also incredibly multi-talented and defy placement into any one slot.

Their repertoire extends from mad carnival sessions to great classics- or pop concerts, to the poetic-rock circus show together with the Roncalli circus.

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Our HÖHNERStall location, in the heart of the cathedral city, is an homage to the Cologne culture band and offers the perfect context for exhibits from their 40-year band history.

The well-known Cologne culture band has set-up a permanent exhibition in the HÖHNERStall featuring exhibits from their 40-year band history. Hidden treasures such as a unique discography of all recording media releases, gold records, original HÖHNER stage costumes, instruments, historical photos and much more, are made available to a broad public.

Witness a piece of cologne's musical history - in the HÖHNERStall