All services under one roof

Celebrate an event, enjoy our yummy cuisine, and stay for an overnight with us. We offer all these services under one roof at our Heumarkt 6 complex with our outlets HÖHNERStall, Brewhouse, MühlenBar, and Hotel.

The “Brauerei zur Malzmühle” brewery opened over 150 years ago and remains a genuine family brewery, managed today by the fifth generation of the Schwartz family.
The second oldest brewery in Cologne is one of the few that still produces at its place of origin – right within the center of the old town at the Heumarkt Square.

The best-known beer produced by the Malzmühle, of course, is the tasty Mühlen Kölsch. The combination of ingredients and production that uses an old family recipe dating to 1858 imparts the typical, malty, full-flavored taste to our Mühlen Kölsch.

We rang-in a new era when we opened the Hotel zur Malzmühle, the HÖHNERStall, and the MühlenBar.

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Höhnerstall Restaurant

The HÖHNERs have moved into the “Malzmühle”. The venue features an exhibition of the bands favourite things from the 40 years they have been together.

Get a brief glimpse of our location while watching the video below.

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Experience an exciting, stylish bar atmosphere in our newly opened MühlenBar.

We offer numerous craft beer specialities, next to our own house-brewed Mühlen Kölsch, selected wines and cocktails. Additionally we offer private or open to public craft beer tasting events on a regular basis.

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For over 150 years, the Brewery zur Malzmühle has been one of the most beloved Cologne breweries and a traditional meeting place for friends of the Cologne way of life.
Enjoy typical, hearty brewery cooking with many Cologne specialties and have our blue-clad, opinionated waiters serve you with a freshly-tapped glass of Mühlen Kölsch.

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Looking for an exceptional hotel for your next Cologne-stay? 37 Modernly equipped rooms with stunning Dom Cathedral View and a beer tap in the room.

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